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Welcome to Sugarshine FARM Sanctuary, in New South Wales, Australia. We provide a peaceful, loving home for animals of all shapes, sizes and personalities where they can live their lives in freedom. More About UsSupport Sugarshine FARM

Helping animals go from farmed lives to charmed lives

The Musings of Maple

Sometimes a goat's just got to do what a goat's got to do.    I may only have one ear. I may be the shortest goat in the gang. But I know who I am. Nobody is going to get in my way. Today I was feeling short, so I stood on a bale of wire. I didn't feel short any...
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Donation Boxes

Since Sugarshine was founded we've been looking for new ways to raise money for animals in need. More specifically in the last year. This past year our team, and therefore our ideas, and ability to action those ideas, has been steadily growing. We now have a...
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Fundraising is not our strong suit here at Sugarshine. Recently we have had huge help from countless different sources making raising much needed funds possible. Bunnings Warehouse hold a sausage sizzle outside each of their stores every Saturday. If you don't eat...
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The Musings of Missy Piggins – part 3

I don't socialise with the other pigs. Human socialisation is a favourite of mine. Most of the other pigs here at Sugarshine also deeply appreciate human interaction. There is something deep inside a pigs psyche that can't resist a good belly rub. The humans seem to...
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The Musings of Missy Piggins – part 2

I can understand why many people think pigs are violent beings. But if you want the truth, straight from a pig’s mouth, we are one of the gentlest species on earth. We are often rough with each other simply as a sign of communication. How else to you decide who to...
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The Musings of Missy Piggins – Part 1

We pigs are very vocal beings, but my leadership is an unspoken certainty. No one else was up for the job. I don’t mind really. I know the humans really appreciate that I keep everyone in line, and it makes them feel good that they’re in cahoots with the roughest,...
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