Sugarshine FARM Sanctuary


It all started in 2013, at a rubbish tip in Broken Hill where one of the workers heard a tiny noise coming from amongst the rubble. Struck with curiosity, he decided to investigate.

Following what sounded more and more like little bleats, he was led to a tatty, tied up hessian bag, and inside he found a tiny baby goat, barely hanging onto life.

After many twists and turns, the man and the goat found their way to Kelly; and having only taken in domestic pets previously, she was hesistant, but Kelly felt it in her heart to help this strong little goat. She nursed her back to health, and named her Sunshine.


Sunshine today at age 4

Shortly thereafter, Sunshine was joined by Sugars, a (not so) mini piglet from a failed mini pig breeding business. Her and her family had been sold to a man who bought pigs to butcher for meat. Coming from poor conditions, and now separated from her family, she was covered in lice, cold and stressed. Once again Kelly’s tender loving care and quick thinking kicked in, and Sugars’ health was restored.

These two animals, Sugars and Sunshine, were the inspiration for Sugarshine FARM Sanctuary, but as those who rescue animals know , once you’ve rescued one or two animals, many others begin to somehow find their way to you too.

Up close and personal with Nibbles

Sugars was soon followed by Nibbles the orphaned goat, Maartin and Opal  (Sugarshine FARM’s first two sheep) and two more goats, Shirley and Never. That was when the decision was made to move to greener (and larger) pastures and in 2012, Kelly and the animals packed up and made the long journey all the way from Broken Hill to Lismore.

Since then, Sugarshine FARM Sanctuary has become a registered charity, and many more animals have joined the family here. But it’s not just animals either! Kelly now has a team of people committed to the sanctuary, and has sleeping quarters for live-in volunteers willing to work hard, with the reward of unlimited snuggles from our loving animal family.

We pride ourselves on not only taking care of the animals’ physical needs, but also their need to be treated as individuals – to be accepted, and to be loved unconditionally.  We also take a non-judgemental approach to the people who housed the animals before us, as our foundation is one of positivity and kindness.


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