I don’t socialise with the other pigs. Human socialisation is a favourite of mine.

Most of the other pigs here at Sugarshine also deeply appreciate human interaction. There is something deep inside a pigs psyche that can’t resist a good belly rub. The humans seem to know just the spot. If they decide it’s time for pig patting, it’s like a some deadly disease flows through the barn – pigs flopping to their sides left right and centre! There’s really nothing like someone gently stroking your back, belly and cheek. I bet even humans love a back-rub!

People who have only ever experienced pigs as food, or sport, are always the ones who love patting time the most. They cannot believe that such a ‘loud’, ‘aggressive’ animal is really just like any dog or cat they might have waiting for them at home. It never gets old. The expressions they pull. Priceless.

Sometimes the humans even lay down in the straw and make nests next to us to get comfortable and continue to give belly rubs for as long as possible! I think humans and pigs are more alike than everybody thinks we are. Pigs love belly rubs, humans do too, pigs love making nests, humans do too! Pigs love sun baking and from what I’ve heard from Baby pig (who has been to the beach) humans love it too!

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