Our special angel

Bella’s story begins as a very sad and heartbreaking one. Born into a place with no natural light, only a very small amount of space to move, siblings dying all around, and a mother unable to move or nurse. This is no place an innocent creature should ever have to be. Luckily for Bella, some very brave women came to her rescue. She had a severely injured face; half of it had been ripped away, and her whole right eyeball was completely exposed. It was so horrific we did not think she would make it. We contacted an amazing vet on the Gold Coast and asked if he could help. His response, “well I’ve never operated on a pig before, but I’ll give it a go”

And thank goodness he did! Bella, who it turns out is a little boy!!! has lost an eye, but gained the love of everyone his story has touched. He is the most feisty little character we have ever seen here at Sugarshine, running around like he owns the place. So although little Bella (or now Bello?) had a very sad beginning, he will live out the rest of his life here with us, free from harm and surrounded by love and happiness.

Because of Bella’s young age and his injury he will need extra vet care and special food. If you would like to sponsor Bella please choose one of the two options. Your money will go towards his meals,  regular health checks, maintaining his housing and much much more. As a thank you , you will receive a Certificate of Sponsorship, a photo of Bella and regular updates. You can even come and meet him, he would love that!

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