The loner

Lolly looks like a sheep from a nursery rhyme. She is 3 years old. She was born on a farm as a twin but her mama rejected her and as it was a big farm no one noticed until Lolly became very weak and underweight. She also had a heavy worm burden making her feel terrible. A kind woman took her in and helped her recover and then brought her to us. Lolly is independent and likes her own space. Although she is happy to sit with the other sheep, just as often she will find a quiet spot to sit by herself and think about the world. She does NOT like pats but does like weetbix

If you would like to sponsor Lolly please choose either the monthly or yearly donation. Your money will go towards Lolly’s meals, her regular health checks, maintaining her housing and much much more. As a thank you, you will receive a Certificate of Sponsorship, a photo of Lolly, and regular updates. And if you really like you can come and feed her some weetbix!

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