This year is the Chinese Zodiac year of the rooster! And aren’t we in for it!
Roosters are super fun animals to have around the Sanctuary (especially if you’re a morning person). In fact we have more than 50 rescue rooster who love to bless us with their beautiful singing all day long.
Despite the jokes we do love our handsome pals. They make sure we’re eating enough by pecking at the ground and making their special ‘here’s something I prepared earlier’ clucks. They let us know when danger is about by growling and freezing in place (encouraging us to do the same, to avoid capture by the terrifying eagles).
Our favourite part about having roosters around is that most of them love to spend time with us. They are a constant presence and a soundness of mind which can be invaluable to a sanctuary that rescues mistreated and malnourished animals. Some of our feathered friends even like to sit on us for bonus encouragement, or allow themselves to be cuddled, for the added healing properties.
Here at Sugarshine we believe there is so much to learn from animals. We like to take a leaf out of the rooster’s book and work hard at everything we do, be passionate about animal welfare, take time to look after ourselves in the looks department, and be brave enough to stand up for ourselves and others (and not be quiet about it).

If you love roosters as much as we do check out the social media profiles of some of our favourite famous rooster personalities! P Blizzard the rooster And Ricky the Chicky And of course we follow all the other animal sanctuaries in Australia and around the world, who also have many roosters in their care. Brightside Edgar’s mission, FAR and many more.

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